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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for hurting you in any and all and possibly the worst way in the past. You clearly don't have to forgive me, but I feel it's only right I apologize for something that was truly wrong. You are quite the phenomenal human. So, I've been thinking and I had come upon the realization of how horrible it truly was what I did. It seemed so puny a thing compared to other wrong doings but it really was something more, so I'm so sorry. From the bottom of my heart

Wait seriously, I can’t imagine who this is or what this is but thank you.
I can’t really forgive you or begin to grow with it unless you tell me who you are.
Please, if you feel comfortable, text me or message me on here.

I can’t imagine

That even if I lacked dysphoria
I would ever feel comfortable. Letting some one touch me
That I couldn’t trust
To understand and respect
My identity.


My best friend and I have a house together.
For a long time we lived with a roommate we both hated.
He was very passive aggressive and made us feel unwelcome or uncomfortable in our communal space.
My best friend and I love each other.
It often feels like we’ve loved eachother longer than we’ve known eachother.
One night we confronted our roommate.
He accused me of being a sociopath.
Of manipulating my best friend to look androgynous in interest of my own pansexual identity.
He imposed his binary conclusions of the world onto us and made us into weird creatures.
He said that I made her shave her head so I could fuck a boy and a girl at the same time.

This hurt her.
It hurt me.

I struck him once. He told me that he wasn’t going to fight me. Out of fear. I felt comfortable in my own home again.

He moved out.

I’ve been building this house with her.

Building a home.

She began sleeping with a friend of mine.

I had met him twice in a five year span but he insisted that our friendship was important to him.

When i told him how I uncomfortable I felt about him, being in my home, sleeping with her, he told me he didn’t care about her. That it probably wouldn’t last much longer now that he knew how I felt.

That he’d make sure I didn’t catch wind of it of things progressed.

I’ve seen him in my house twice. He’s approached me both times as if nothing was wrong with the scenario.

I’m moving out.

She deserves her space to be with whomever she pleases.

But I can’t continue to watch.

I told him that he was a bad person for pretending we were friends or that our theoretical friendship mattered to him.
Or that she mattered to him.

If someone matters to you, you can’t be capable of hiding that from anyone.

He told me how I needed to get over her. That he’s been in my position before.

He continued to be around.

When I told him that the way he continues to make my house an uncomfortable place to live in is gross and that if I see him in my house I will knock his teeth out, he told me to play it cool. Or else ill lose her.

I can’t think of a world where I dont have children that have her smile.

I told him I’d beat the shit out of him. He said he would win and that I need to know what’s good for me.

He told me that I was being an entitled whiteboi. Sounds like the projecting of someone who has ” been in my position before”.

I told him I wasn’t a boy. Or a man.

I’m agender and he misgendered me for the convenience nice of projecting his own shitty ideological bullshit onto me.

I asked him not to.

He told me that if I talk like a whiteboi and walk like a whiteboi, then my gender is an entitled whiteboi.

This time he deliberately misgendered her best friend to fuck with them.

This time someone said something really fucked to one of us and I’m the one that’s gonna move out.

She’s gonna keep fucking him. Even though his very existence is there to disrespect her and me and my identity and what we had.


Why even try.


Wrote you a letter.
He called me a boy.

When she left

I was already on my way back home to you.
You were always it.


When the girl I left you for
Told you about how they were
Going to fuck me on the floor
Me either.

I was

Told tonight
About how fun it will be
When he fucks you on the floor
While he told me I was a boy
The problems with your tummy
Aren’t what it looks like
But what you will stomach for the sake
Of some false intimacy

He is nice.
I’m a boy.
You feel loved.

I am agender. I am 19 years old and published nationally. I am comics.

I am agender. I am 19 years old and published nationally. I am comics.


John Buscema’s cover artwork process used for Wolverine, Vol. 2 # 08. My single favorite comic book of all time.

The black and white is not even remotely the same drawing.

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Reminder that this is being said by a prick that likely is on some level racist towards Peter’s sucessor. Sweet moment. Shitty human being.
Ultimate Cap sucks.

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